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Durham We Buy Houses

Can you drive in Durham (or anywhere) without seeing a “We Buy Houses” sign!? We HATE those signs too… and we’re in the house buying business! Blue Chariot has chosen not to advertise our house buying service in that manner; however, it’s hard to resist the temptation to do so, being that it MUST work – or you would not see those signs on every corner!

Blue Chariot has been seeking to buy houses in Durham since starting in January of 2015 – and we are now looking for our 12th house. We bought #8 two weeks ago at: 728 Hopkins Drive. We’re scheduled to close in July on #9 at: 56 N. Wycliff Drive. We close in August on #10 at: 2500 W. Carver Street (including the adjoining vacant lot at 2410). And we have an accepted offer with the seller of #11.

Do you have a house in Durham that you need to sell fast? If so, it could be #12 for Blue Chariot! Submit our “We Buy Houses” form to give us the details of your home and we’ll provide you with a fair offer to buy your house fast.

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